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to our international platform

We invite you to join the “European Cardiomyopathy Center” platform, designed to bring together medical professionals and patients around the world on a mission of the good for the human being: the health and quality of life of our patients suffering from obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy/HOCM.


Combined expertise of 800+ cases

The European Cardiomyopathy Center is the only HOCM specialized center in the Central and Eastern European area, and the 2-nd center as the number of dedicated surgeries of this pathology in the European Union, with over 130 cases performed in Romania and over 800 cases coordinated by the reunited surgical team in Europe.


The European Cardiomyopathy Center is an interdisciplinary opinion team created around patients with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy/HOCM, offering an integrated approach and personalized treatment solutions in diagnosis, treatment and surgery of this pathology.

HOCM is a complex pathology that requires overspecialization and an all-rounded perspective regarding diagnosis, treatment and surgery. According to the latest research, the surgery achieved by specialized surgeons is essential, reducing the mortality risk from 6% to 1%. For this reason, we recommend to integrate an organized protocol for diagnosis, treatment and surgery to be performed in a dedicated to HOCM pathology center.



Senior Cardiovascular surgeon at European Cardiomyopathy Center

Dr. Maria Corina Greavu

DR. Maria Corina Greavu

Cardiologist at European Cardiomyopathy Center

Dr. Razvan Ticulescu

Dr. Razvan Ticulescu

Cardiologist at European Cardiomyopathy Center

Dr. Monica Trofin Banescu

Dr. Monica Trofin Banescu

Cardiologist at European Cardiomyopathy Center

DR. Maria Alexandrescu

DR. Maria Alexandrescu

Senior Radiologist at the European Cardiomyopathy Center

Dr. Andrei Dermengiu

DR. Andrei Dermengiu

Anesthesiologist at European Cardiomyopathy Center


TAILORING SURGERY. About the septal myectomy, the most advanced technique of treatment in the HOCM.

The hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a primary cardiac disease, most often determined by genetic factors. It is characterised by the thickening of the ventricular walls and the disorganisation of the architecture of the cardiac muscle. It is the most frequent form of cardiomyopathy, its prevalence being of 0.2% on the general population.

Among the patients with HCM, an important ratio of them, of about 30%, develop the obstructive form, called hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy (HOCM). It is caused by the fact

that in repose or during a physical challenges (Valsalva procedure), inside the left ventricular ejection tract appears a pressure gradient. If it is higher than 50 mmHg, the obstruction is considered hemodynamic important.

Often, the ventricular hypertrophy is associated with some abnormalities of the mitral apparatus, presenting mitral insufficiency, very frequently a severe one, which can lead to the dynamic obstruction of the ventricle. Sometimes this is de main principle of the obstruction mechanism of the ejection.


Cardiomyopathy Center has become an European Center, specialized in the treatment of this rare disease. Recommended by the successful and extended casuistry, European Cardiomyopathy Center opens the gates from the patients from abroad.




At the European Cardiomyopthy Center, the surgical team coordinated by Prof. Dr. Lucian Dorobantu perfoms the surgery through the septal myectomy technique, together with a mitral valve and its subvalvular apparatus reconstruction which provides reconstruction of the left ventricular architecture with the benefit of mitral valve preservation, the center having over 98% mitral valve preservation rate, comparable to centers in Europe and worldwide.


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The European Cardiomyopathy Center is the only medical center in Romania and one of the top five centers in Europe with the proper expertise, able to diagnose and treat this rare disease – the hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy — and ready to offer an outstanding approach within the HOCM treatment and surgery field.